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What a Linguistics Major Can Do

The study of languages seems like an interesting course but many are reluctant to take it up as a college major because of the fear that there will be no jobs available for linguistics major. Actually, there are many interesting works for people who choose this field. However, if you think the idea is too overwhelming, you can take language lessons online, which are basically lessons for the real world. Still, here’s a brief look at what it’s like being a linguistics major.


Curriculum for Linguistics Major


Students majoring in the field will obtain a liberal arts education with a focus on studying language as a basic human faculty and as a social institution that is in constant change. They will go through a curriculum covering the nature, structure, and function of language.


A degree in this field will be valuable preparation for several career paths. It will help students who decide to proceed to law later because of the exposure to diverse methodologies, its consistent demand for analysis and critical thinking. The study of linguistics has contributed to the analysis of voice print evidence, the interpretation of language in statutes and contracts, the clarification of underlying attitudes in language, and the harmonization of laws covering identical subjects.


Future Work in Various Fields


A person who has majored in linguistics will find numerous opportunities for careers in second language teaching and TESL (teaching English as a second language). Likewise, computer linguistic tools such as spelling and grammar correctors, dictionaries, glossaries, computer aids for the deaf, and word recognition systems all in involve expertise in linguistics.


Some Interesting Areas of Language Study


There are many interesting areas in the field of language study. Each of these areas is distinct from the others and adds to an understanding not only of the function, nature, and structure of language but a better insight into the real meaning of discourse.




The study of sociolinguistics deals with the interaction between language and society. It includes a close look at sociocultural norms, context, expectations, and the effect of language on society. It is concerned with the way the same language varies according to the education, religion, ethnicity, status, and even gender of the people in discourse.




The study of body language has become a popular subject for people watchers. Linguistics, however, deals with it quite seriously, with an eye for both social context and implications of how people act, their facial expressions and their non-verbal behavior. His area of study has become an increasingly important one even for negotiators and lawyers who work in professions where body language can be a crucial indicator.


On the other hand, you need to know that as part of language study, however, kinesics takes into consideration cultural norms which may not receive the same attention in other disciplines. For a linguistic major, body language is inextricably tied with culture – which is another reason why students of this field have the background to fit into many career niches today.

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