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Advantages of Solar-Powered Public Lighting

Solar-powered public lighting has become one of the most popular modes of lighting systems. Although there are also downsides in choosing solar-powered public lighting, there are still tons of benefits you can get from it. To help you decide on whether you should choose solar-powered lighting or not, here are some of the important factors you should consider.

Advantages of Solar-Powered Public Lighting

Starting with the positive reasons, solar-powered public lighting has zero energy cost. As the name suggests, its main source of power is the energy from the sun, thus there is no need to shell out the ost for the lighting system to be run by electricity. This actually comes in very useful for parking lots owners, who need the said space to be well-illuminated throughout the entire day.

Another benefit of using solar-powered public lighting is the fact that they are very easy to install and has relatively lower maintenance cost. There are no complicated wirings or electrical installation needed, thus you can have the same installed faster and easier than traditional lighting systems.

Perhaps the most important consideration in choosing solar-powered public lighting is the fact that it is environmentally-friendly and helps the community in its advocacy for the environment. This should be the primary reason in choosing a public lighting system, since we are looking for eco-friendly innovations in the industrial world.

Disadvantages of Solar-Powered Public Lighting

Although solar-powered public lighting system sounds very promising, there are still some disadvantages to it. The most obvious one is the initial investment cost. Solar panels are definitely more expensive than traditional lighting system. Nevertheless, you can actually save more from solar-powered public lighting in the form of monthly billings and maintenance cost.

Perhaps if you consider solar-powered public lighting as a form of valuable investment, then that would work out pretty well for you. You have to consider that you will eventually save more in choosing this type of lighting system taking into account all other considerations.

Also, the disadvantage of using solar-powered lighting system is that there is still a possibility of overcast skies or storms, which may block sun power. The efficiency of solar power can also be put to test especially for countries or states that receive lesser solar power. Although there are batteries for energy storage, they cannot be used efficiently if there is lesser or no actual sun power.


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